VPC Peering

A VPC peering connection is a networking connection between two VPCs and enables them to communicate using private IP addresses. The VPCs to be peered can be in the same account or different accounts but must be in the same region.

Reduced latency

Traffic between peered VPC networks stays within Google's network, which can reduce latency.

Increased security

VPC peering is a more secure way to connect VPC networks than using a VPN or direct peering.

Simplified management

VPC peering is easier to manage than other methods of connecting VPC networks.


Improve security

VPC peering comes with the major benefit of improving security by enabling private connectivity between two or more VPC networks, isolating traffic from the public Internet. Because your traffic never leaves the cloud provider’s network, you reduce a whole class of risks for your stack.

Save money on network costs

With VPC peering, you save on network transit costs and benefit from improved network latency. Because peering traffic does not leave your cloud provider’s network, that reduces public IP latency. And since peered networks use internal IPs to communicate, transferring data over the cloud provider’s network is cheaper than over the public Internet.

Get more flexibility

Get more flexibility for services that don’t need to connect to the Internet. Another reason to use VPC peering is when your instances do not require a public IP address or a network address translation (NAT) configuration to the public Internet. This can be desirable for backend services, where a user wants to block all egress traffic to the public Internet from their instances.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

VPC Peering User Guide

This document describes VPC Peering service, helping you quickly create and properly use the service.

VPC Peering API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of VPC Peering and provides API parameter description and example values.

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