Image Management Service


Image Management Service (IMS) allows you to easily create and manage cloud server and disk images.


Create a system or data disk image from a server or an external image file, or create a full-ECS image, including the data disk, based on an existing ECS server and batch creation of new servers is easy.


Images are stored in OBS buckets, ensuring excellent data durability.


Managing images is easy through the management console or using APIs.


You can use images to uniformly deploy or upgrade applications, ensuring consistency in your application environments.

Image Types

Public Image

It contains an OS and preinstalled public applications and is available to all users. Public images are very stable and their OS and any included software have been officially authorized for use. If a public image does not contain the environments or software you need, you can use a public image to create an ECS and then deploy the required environments or software on it.

Private Image

A private image contains an OS or service data, preinstalled public applications, and a user's personal applications. Private images are only available to the users who created them. A private image can be a system disk image, data disk image, ISO image, or full-ECS image.

Shared Image

A shared image is a private image another user has shared with you.

Application Scenarios

Technical Documentation

IMS User Guide

This document describes basic concepts, functions, key terms, and FAQs of the Image Management Service (IMS) and provides instructions for quickly creating private images and....

IMS API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of Image Management Service (IMS) and provides API parameter description and example values.

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