Identity and Access Management (IAM)


Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables you to easily manage users and control their access to HUAWEI CLOUD services and resources.

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Simplified, Delegated, Centralized Access

Set fine-tuned, granular access with groups and roles. Control access to resources for users from both your enterprise and trusted external agencies.

Clear Visibility and Improved Security

Use one system to manage all users and groups, enforce security policies, protect logins with multi-factor authentication (MFA), and audit logs.

Free of Charge

IAM is an integrated service, offered at no additional cost. You will only be billed for other OREL CLOUD products purchased by your users.


User Authentication

Verifies the identity of users accessing systems or applications through various authentication methods

User Provisioning and Lifecycle Management

Automates the process of creating, modifying, and revoking user accounts, ensuring proper access privileges throughout the user's lifecycle in the organization.

Access Control and Authorization

Enforces access policies and permissions, granting users appropriate levels of access to resources based on their roles, responsibilities, and organizational policies.

Privileged Access Management

Includes capabilities to manage and monitor privileged accounts, providing additional layers of security for high-risk or sensitive operations.

Auditing and Compliance

Tracks and records user activities, providing audit trails for compliance purposes. It helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and internal policies by monitoring access and generating detailed reports.

Self-Service and User Portal

Provides self-service capabilities for users to manage their own profiles, reset passwords, and request access, reducing the burden on IT support.

Application Scenarios

Technical Documentation

IAM User Guide

This document describes basic concepts, functions, key terms, and FAQs of the Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) service and provides instructions for quickly creating backups and....

IAM API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) and provides API parameter description and example values.

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