Cloud Backup and Recovery


Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) lets you back up cloud-native servers, disks, and file systems as well as on-premises VMware virtual environments with ease. If there is a virus intrusion, accidental deletion, or software/hardware fault, you can restore resources to any point when the data was backed up.

Ease of Use

Policy-based automatic backups; a clear view of backup and restore tasks with the console dashboard

Fast Backup & Restore

Incremental backup shortens the time required for backup by 95%, and Instant Restore allows for RTO within minutes

Multi-resource Support

Data protection for cloud-native servers, disks, file systems as well as on-premises VMware VMs

Why CBR?

Ease of Use

Policy-based automatic backup eliminates the need for complicated configuration and does not affect services.

Rapid Backup and Restore

Incremental backup and incremental restoration are supported for better efficiency.

Secure and Reliable Backup

CBR ensures the consistency of cloud server backups. Backup data can be encrypted and stored across data centers.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

CBR User Guide

This document describes basic concepts, functions, key terms, and FAQs of the Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) service and provides instructions for quickly creating backups and....

CBR Best Practise

This document describes how to use a custom script to freeze and unfreeze different types of databases in order to implement database backup and verify the backup result.

CBR API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) and provides API parameter description and example values.

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