NAT Gateway


Public NAT gateways translate private IP addresses into EIPs, and are used by cloud servers in a VPC for secure, cost-effective Internet access. Private NAT gateways translate between private IP addresses, and are used between VPCs or your VPC and on-premises data center to keep legacy networks running after cloud migration.

Excellent Performance

An extra-large NAT gateway supports millions of concurrent connections and up to 20 Gbit/s of bandwidth to each destination address and port.

Highly Available

NAT Gateway is designed to automate disaster recovery and cluster migration across availability zones, so your services do not stop running.

Flexible Deployment

Public NAT gateway to the Internet access or a private NAT gateway to an on-premises data center or remote VPC.

Why NAT Gateway?

Security and Privacy

Public NAT gateways shield your cloud servers by letting them share an EIP instead of exposing their own IP addresses.

Legacy Networks Preserved

Private NAT gateways let you keep cloud migration simple by maintaining the same network even with overlapping CIDR blocks in your on-premises network.

DNAT Access Control

By defining port forwarding in DNAT rules, you can use a public NAT gateway to allow your instances to provide Internet-accessible services with much fewer EIPs.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

NAT User Guide

This document describes basic concepts, functions, key terms, and FAQs of the Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) service and provides instructions for quickly creating backups and....

NAT API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) and provides API parameter description and example values.

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