Virtual Private Network


Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes a secure, encrypted communications tunnel between your local data center and a VPC on Orel Cloud. VPN lets you build a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud environment.

High Data Security

Data is encrypted using IKE and IPsec for secure and reliable transmission.

High Availability

Active-active gateways can be deployed and dynamic routing is supported to achieve failover in seconds.

Easy to Use

A VPN connection can be created in a few simple steps and is ready to use immediately after being created.

Why VPN on OREL Cloud?

Secure, Reliable, Elastic, and Flexible

Secure and reliable IPsec connections between your local data center and your VPC on the cloud to ensure the security and reliability of the hybrid cloud architecture. | Active-active gateway deployment, guaranteeing an SLA of 99.95% reliability | Multiple gateway specifications, allowing for elastic and flexible scaling requirements of applications and services

Active-Active Gateways, High Bandwidth, and Multiple Connections

Support for active-active gateways in different AZs, delivering AZ-level high availability | Support for policy-based routing, static routing, and dynamic routing for your selection | Bandwidths and VPN connections can be flexibly combined based on your service requirements.

Backup Between VPN and Direct Connect

You can use a VPN link to back up a Direct Connect link. Traffic is automatically switched to the VPN link if there is a Direct Connect link failure. | Automatic convergence of dynamic routes, achieving failover in seconds and thereby ensuring service continuity.

Easy to Use and Manage

You can purchase VPN gateways on demand. The VPN gateways are billed on a yearly/monthly or pay-per-use basis and take effect immediately upon provisioning. | An intuitive UI makes it easy for you to configure and manage your VPN connections. | You can connect your local data center to the cloud with a simple configuration on your VPN device.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

VPN User Guide

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