Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service (OBS) provides stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage that lets you store virtually any volume of unstructured data in any format and access it from anywhere using REST APIs.

Strong Security

With secure authentication, encryption, URL validation, and fine-grained permission control, keep your data safe and protected in storage or during transfer.

Ease of Use

OBS provides REST APIs and software development kits (SDKs) in multiple languages, and is compatible with all mainstream clients. With it, you can upload, download, and manage your data anytime, and from anywhere.


On-Cloud Data Management

Manage data on cloud using REST APIs and SDKs. Enjoy a robust third-party ecosystem.

Flexible Storage Classes

Take advantage of different storage classes for a range of scenarios. Pay only for what you use.

Scalability and Integration

Enjoy linearly, infinitely scalable storage resources. Enable in-depth integration with other services.

Data Protection

Keep your data secure with powerful, flexible security measures and fine-grained access control.

Easy-to-Use Policies

Efficiently manage your data with convenient storage policies.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

OBS User Guide

This document describes the concepts, functions, and basic operations about how to manage Object Storage Service (OBS) using the management console and client.

OBS Tools Guide

This document introduces OBS Browser+, a GUI tool for managing OBS. This tool provides complete functions for managing your buckets and objects in OBS.

OBS API Reference

This document describes the Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs) supported by Object Storage Service, including request and response..

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