Virtual Private Cloud


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows you to isolate online resources with virtual private networks. VPC enables your cloud resources to securely communicate with each other, the internet, and on-premises networks.

Easy Connectivity

Add ECSs from different availability zones to the same VPC, and control communication within and between VPCs.

Secure and Reliable

Get an isolated network for your resources on the cloud. Control traffic between instances and subnets.

Seamless Scaling

Extend your on-premises data center to OREL Cloud.ell as on-premises VMware VMs

Why VPC?

Secure and Isolated Environment

ensures data privacy and security by creating a logically isolated network environment for each customer. It allows you to define your own IP address range, subnets, and routing tables, providing full control over network segmentation and access controls. This isolation ensures that your resources and data are protected from unauthorized access and external threats.

Flexible Network Architecture

You have the flexibility to design and customize your network architecture according to your specific requirements. You can create multiple subnets, set up VPN connections, and configure network gateways to establish secure and private connections between your VPC and your on-premises infrastructure. This enables seamless integration and hybrid cloud deployments.

High-Performance Connectivity

Provides high-performance network connectivity options, including dedicated and reliable connections through VPN or Direct Connect. These options enable fast and secure data transfer between your VPC and on-premises data centers, ensuring low latency and high bandwidth connectivity.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Offers a range of security features to protect your network and data. It includes built-in security groups and network access control lists (ACLs) to enforce access controls and traffic filtering.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

VPC User Guide

This document describes Virtual Private Cloud service, helping you quickly create and properly use the service.

VPC API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and provides API parameter description and example values.

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