Simple Message Notification


Simple Message Notification (SMN) lets you send messages at scale to various endpoints, such as HTTP/HTTPS servers, email addresses, phone numbers, functions, and instant messaging tools. You can use SMN to connect cloud services, reducing system complexity.

Multi-Channel Messaging

Allows you to send notifications to your users through various channels, including SMS, email, and mobile push notifications.

Message Filtering

Provides robust filtering capabilities, allowing you to send targeted notifications based on specific criteria

Message Tracking and Statistics

Offers detailed tracking and statistics for your messages, enabling you to monitor message delivery status, track user engagement, and analyze the effectiveness of your notifications.

Why SMN?

Simple APIs and Easy Integration with Applications

You can efficiently send messages with three easy-to-use APIs for topic creation, subscription, and message publishing. You can use topics to separate message publishers and subscribers, and deliver messages to multiple subscribers over different protocols at one time. You can also define different message formats for different protocols. Each topic supports up to 3,000 subscribers.

Reliable Message Archiving, Delivery, and Retries

SMN stores each message published across multiple data centers for high availability. SMN provides redundancy across multiple SMS providers, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of your messages. If a message delivery fails, the failed message will be cached and delivered again for up to six times until the message expires.

Flexible and Efficient Message Delivery over Multiple Protocols

With only one messaging request, you can deliver messages to subscribers using a range of protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, email, SMS, and FunctionGraph.

Solid Security with Topic Isolation and Data Encryption

SMN data is isolated by topic. Unauthorized users cannot access your topic data. Your data (mainly subscription endpoints) is encrypted before being stored. Encrypted protocols are used when messages are transferred between SMN internal components.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

SMN User Guide

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SMN API Reference

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