Auto Scaling (AS)


Auto Scaling automatically adjusts compute resources based on scaling policies you define, striking a balance between performance and cost.


Enable your infrastructure to scale up or down automatically based on real-time demand. This elasticity ensures that your applications can handle sudden traffic spikes or unexpected usage patterns without any manual intervention.

High Availability

Your applications are distributed across multiple servers or instances. In the event of a server failure or increased load, the system automatically launches new instances to maintain optimal performance.

Optimize Performance and Cost

Achieve peak performance and cost optimization for your cloud-based applications with our Auto Scaling solution. AS dynamically adjusts your infrastructure based on real-time demand, ensuring optimal resource allocation and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Why AS?

Reduce Cost

Auto Scaling works with ELB to balance the load among instances in your Auto Scaling groups. It maintains high application availability by adding instances on demand and replacing unhealthy instances with new ones. It supports scheduled, periodic, and alarm scaling policies to help you confidently handle with any changes in workload.

Better User experience.

Lifecycle hooks allow your applications to respond to scaling events in your Auto Scaling groups. Graceful scale-in ensures that running tasks are complete before the instances terminate so services are not interrupted. Any time an instance is launched or terminated in your Auto Scaling groups, you will be notified.

Use Cases

Technical Documentation

AS User Guide

This document describes basic concepts, functions, key terms, and FAQs of the Auto Scaling (AS) service and provides instructions for quickly creating AS groups and using the AS....

AS API Reference

This document describes application programming interfaces (APIs) of Auto Scaling (AS) and provides API parameter description and example values.

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